Friday, April 6, 2007

the mountains won't get out of bed

we've been blanketed with a thick fog all day,i can feel little droplets on my face as i move around outside. these days are a treat in that its a bit of refuge from the new mexican wide open sky and high mountain sun. a sleepy day really.

and the mountains i haven't seen since yesterday....odds are good that when this cloudbank lifts the moutain tops above me will have a fresh dusting of snow. may even wake up with some here if it stays through the nite.


Jbeeky said...

So beautiful. I always love days like that, it seems sureal. I walk around waiting for something out of the oridnary to happen. Just seems to happen on those types of days. Thanks for the photos.

Rosie said...

We had wind and snowflakes today...very strange. Our mountains usually look like yours there.

Boys seem to be doing great and now come running and baaing when I call the goats in to milk them. Those horns...didn't really think they'd be good for anything. So much safer looking than goat horns. But they know how to use them. I'm just not used to the whole ramming rather than impaling concept.

I'm a huge fan of bread and puppet! My puppeteer friend Therese and I collaborated on a version of "The Yellow Wallpaper" done with bunraku and shadow puppetry. I designed a walled set that was actually a puppet. Backlit spandex. This was for the Xperimental Puppet Theatre Program at the Centre for Puppetry Arts. I'm a big fan of Theodora Skipitares. I like Janie Geyser as well and have some of her art in my home but I much prefer Skipitares' scale of work. I like big.

I think I'm going to start a carnival of ruminants. It's a blog thing.

BBC said...

It was beautiful here yesterday and then it was raining this morning but settled down to just an overcast day mostly. But it was warm and it filled up my water barrel and it brings new life here so I'm not complaining.

Life is good here if I can manage to ignore all the stupid shit around me.

I'll do a lot of camping this year.