Monday, April 23, 2007

life right now

is really fucking windy.
yesterday was a kind day.
i've still a bit of a cough but i get quiet periods...esp. when i’m good and drink my most disgusting tea of horehound, mullein and osha. Plenty of it growing already on the land so my remedy is right outside.
but anyway yesterday was little wind, lots of sunshine.
after a day of chores and cleaning up wind debris and cleaning out ditches and all that boring stuff I allowed my self to spend a bit of energy preparing one of the garden beds for spring planting.....i’m thinking leeks will go here...maybe a bit of something else...carrots?
I love leeks and carrots stir fried together till they’re soft and sweet.

Today I went and bought a couple of fleeces from my sheep yoda. She'a a great reality check for me in some ways.. 72 years old and shears all 30 some sheep on her own, struggling to get by on not much at all. She showed me her new lambs....oh my god.....i wish wish i'd had the camera with me. A sea of little shiny ringlets of wool in all different colors, the softest high pitched “baaa” and hugest ears. they were all about a month old.
I want lambs...i’ve got lamb fever.


Rosie said...

Do you work with the raw fleeces? I'm wondering what I need to do when I finally get around to doing the boys.

You don't have a ram, do you? I'm guessing you'd have lambies by now if you did. Do they breed seasonally like the goats? I have another three months before my goat boys be banished to the buck pen.

Feel better.

Manerva said...

Hey Erin,

The leeks and carrots sound wonderful- I will have to try it out.

I know what you mean on the lamb feaver- I am trying to trade in my horses as we speak for lamb or goats, although I am not sure yet.

Get well soon.