Friday, December 31, 2010

what i've been doin'...

After about 5 months of hard, all consuming, tenacious crip sweat and tears I have converted this 12x16 tuff shed into and e.i. safer work space. oh- my- god. I sealed the entire interior with safe seal, put down cork flooring, installed a wood stove and chimney, cut holes in the walls and put big sliding windows in, insulated with formaldehyde free insulation and dry walled it all in.....fuck. of course its not totally totally done but whatever...i need to stop for now. i'm so sore and tired of construction and am so so so eager to get on with using it. I'm hungry for the space to work and stretch and think.

 now it sits all cleaned up and ready to go. so i lit a fire in the stove today and just sat in the mostly emtpy space on my little chair and stared out the window while the sun set. then i looked next to me and saw my dusty spinning wheel. I haven't touched my wheel in 9 months. haven't even had a moment or reason to look at it really.
But suddenly there it was, and with a heavy dreamlike motion i reached out to touch it. wrapped my hand around its finely worked hardwood throat and pulled it towards me. fixed the drive band. adjusted the tension. and i wept. it was such acute moment of calm. Simple, in the moment memories.
and then of course theres my looms. I'm so privileged to have all this beautiful, well crafted equipment just sitting and waiting for me.
so, i've been moving my stuff in. stuff thats been in forgotten boxes at the back of our tool shed or crammed beneath my bed. my stuff, bloomin' like flowers all over this odd little shed turned workshop.
 Come spring i'm gonna paint the outside some combination of of teal and yellow.

I'm a little nervous about the toxicity of the space. My tolerance for shit is sooooooo much lower now that i've been in town for 2 years and esp. now that i live with other people. Even after sealing (safeseal by AFM ) the crap out of it and running my super duper -extract all chemicals from the air- filter . Its goes against all E.I. instinct to enter a tuff shed. It -seems- ok but....eeeee. we shall see. right now i have to believe its gonna be ok...i've got my heart all excited.