Wednesday, October 26, 2016

negative space

the morning is cloudy
smells like water
and the sky is full of cranes and their cooing
song says
stay warm
move as you must

I need the sky full of cranes to fill the space you are not in
I need soft steady companions
I need purpose
and as the mundane and the routines come slowly back
into focus
I realize they are the remedy
the dirty dishes are there to ground me cover my hands
in warm moving water

the laundry waits for me
in warm moving water
the bath waits for me
to come clean
come back

move as i must
stay warm

I need to fill the spaces you are not in
I need to feed the cat
I need to warm water
for a tea of roses
I need all the roses
I need my lovers soft steady hands to bring my skin back
from following you out to the negative space
that waits for us all

I gave you my softest steadiest hands
cooing to you
as you died

I caught it all in a
small cup of water

I poured it onto rosemary
this morning
beneath the cranes.

-for Agatha


Saturday, October 15, 2016

last call femme incantation

I’m with the witches
and the whores
the seeded queens
the beauty makers

the rusty dragons
and loose change

I’m with risk

and a bad turn

I eat the rich

like any spell casting
pre- internet harlot

I’m in it for the cash crop

I’m with thorns

the stay the fuck off me

the make a wish moon

say come closer
there’s plenty for everyone

I’m with water

and the rusted beauty
she creates
as empires fall
I’m with
the seeded the sashay the unstoppable
rising shining
that teach us love.