Thursday, April 19, 2007

animal appreciation day

At the end of a nice day getting chores done outdoors its nice to take the last bit of sunshine and just stand /sit around and think or just listen to all thats goin' on.
I've been quite ill with something seriously not right with my lungs...but am slowly getting better and its so so great to be outside, warm and BREATHING.
Some of these photos are what i took while i enjoyed some loafing around time, and i had to include one from this last snow storm...12"!

I can't resist the little ones next door so i feed them older hay that the sheep and llamas have deemed unworthy.

The pool at the bottom of the garden.

eva y pancake

i love the snow masks on the sheep.

Diosa is the black sheep closest to me, the white spot on her head is a Churro trait...its called "mano de dios"- the hand of god.


Mallow said...

There must be a lung bug going around. People around these parts have been sick with bad coughs and fevers. I hope you are feeling better now.

I really like your animal pics. and the sheeplies are wonderful.

Rosie said...

I bet you are still trying to clear stuff from the dentist. I know you've got that environmental sensitivity thing and I can only imagine what all that stuff at the dentist triggered.

I love those sheeplies too. My guys are so silly. But they stay in the fence. I'm thinking of switching. Which breeds are good milkers?

erin ambrose said...

hey rosie....yeah, i'd thought of the dentist factor, my lungs were bothering me before that but i'm sure it didn't help.

fresians are what you're after! I'll be soooo jealous if you get them....they're really hard to find out here and its exactly what i'd love to get into....crossed with churro for better fleece, hardiness and instinct. if i could get a couple rams i'd have quite the claim on the non-existent sheep milk market here.

You should find them over there yeah?

the livestock breed link on my blog should tell you more about milk fat and quantity and all that!

Jbeeky said...

I love these pictures! I can feel the sunshine on my face...