Thursday, April 5, 2007

high drama meme

ok ok...i've been tagged by my favorite Rosie

What are five things that give you physical pleasure?

1) righteous, liberating hot sex ofcourse....
2)much needed body work...this can easily surpass #1 in importance.
3)dark dark darkest organic chocolate.
4)a still sunny day on the mountain.
5) my cat pancake working her bread making magic on my belly.

What are five things that make you immediately angry?

1)the bush administration.
2)people that don't think disability access is any kind of important issue
3)People that actually purchase a hummer.
5)human, animal, planet abuse.

What are five things that make you automatically happy?

1)My animals.
2)good food from my own garden.
3)any sign that humans might just be getting our shit together in time to save ourselves, live in capitalist free peace, and not destroy the ecosystem.
4)the sun or moon rise.
5)hearing someone rock some seriously awesome spoken word....yeah.

What are five things that make you automatically sad?
1)the death toll and lasting trauma of war
2)when friends die from addiction or suicide fostered by poverty or lack of community.(this has happened numerous times)
3) starving animals
5)i'm a sucker for a well made sad sad movie.

I'm tagging jacket!!!!


jacket said...

Does this mean that I answer the same questions and then tag somebody else with them? Sorry for the thick skull but I'm still kind of new to this.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to live 'capitalist free', what system would you prefer?

Rosie said...

People who buy hummers...they make me angry but they are so fucking rediculous that it's sort of a funny angry. It's a "you stupid dumb fuck" angry...and they have no idea how rediculous they look on top of all the gas they are burning.

Hey Jacket...a meme is a thinly disguised device of telling something about yourself with the alterior motive of driving your stats up by increasing your linkage. Memes dick with the bots. Link back to Erin, answer the questions in an entertaining post on your blog, then "tag" up to five people, linking to them. Let them know you have tagged them.

erin ambrose said...

anonymous...well, thats a big question for a comment box but i can say that i'm a big fan of local sustainable economies including the concept of trade/barter (eggs/milk for lumber, sheep shearing for bodywork...), and i believe that housing, health care, food and education are a human right....not something to be earned, purchased or to go into debt for. i can suggest some reading....murray bookchin "remaking society". anything by Emma Goldman and for a delightfully detailed model of a non-violent, not for profit, egalitarian, non-hierarchical society as well as a damn good story check out Starhawks "the fifth sacred thing" of my favorites