Sunday, July 1, 2007

the new home for remedy farm??

ok all you wise and loving folks of the are some photos of the place i'm considering. Its funny how with stanky ol' real estate there is the fun part daydreaming, lifechanging, house loving and then there is the boring, kinda nerve wracking sketchy contingency contracts and inspections and offers/counter offers and terms and permits and blahdeblahdeblah.but she is. built in 1894, thats old for adobe around here.originally the home of some us senator, it has stayed in the family. This is the first time it will be changing hands.I fucking love this front door.
I'm actually a little concerned that its a bit too much house for just little ol' me. 2 bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen plus a spattering of funky little pantry kind of nooks and crannies as well as the attic. windows are all single pane originals....brrrrrrrr. and theres the big issue of there being a cesspool which is categorically illegal anymore these days....i was thinking i'd put in a composting toilet and a grey water system instead. hopefully that would satiate the folks at the environmental dept. The house sits all of 100 ft. from the mora river so the water table is literally like 10 ft below the ground. Theres an old well on the property to back that can see the water not far down the hole. So easily contaminated.Right nextdoor is this beast of a building thats an old old mill of some built of huge cut stones and is slowly falling down.
Out back the property borders a 2000 acre alpaca ranch so that provides a bit breathing room from being right in the village.One other concern is how the land doesnt have a single blade of grass on it and is very sandy/river rockish...note the mullein that loves this kind of soil. funny since all around the place grass grows just fine. I'm hoping that some irrigating and spreading of manure might help? If i could get grass growing i think i could put a dent in the sheep feeding by splitting it in half and rotating them back and forth....but if nothing grows that means they don't ever get any fresh nibblings.
Also on the property...which is just under an this little 2 room adobe house. It looks smaller and ickier on the outside than it is on the inside. The 8 million fruit trees on the land have begun to swallow it up. It actually has plumbing with a shower and sink...but obviously it needs some serious help.Also on the land are these 2 little barns. One is adobe and log and the other is all wood. Both are in good shape. The mud/log one is almost root cellar like as you have to duck and step down thru the door , has an earthern floor, and is cool and dark inside. That would be the sheep house. The smaller wooden one has little windows and is a perfect chicken house.

they're asking 62k for the place, which is, ofcourse ,too much. esp. with no survey/plat and the whole looming septic crisis.
but, that said,They are willing to finance which is good cuz a bank won't touch my poor ass with a ten foot pole. i'd offer 55k with a good down and see what happens.....i'm a sucker for funky places that reek of history....hmmmmmmm.


El said...

Here's an odd thought. On two other homestead blogs in my roundup, both farms had had their topsoil removed by the previous owners! I am not sure if this is something that happens in nuevo mejico, but it happened in GA and OH. (Kind of gives one pause regarding the notion of "dirt cheap.") So I would look into that, if possible; both these other souls had some problems getting the land back up to snuff to graze their animals.

Jbeeky said...

I get chills looking at that door. God I love it. Can't wait to see pics of the inside! I am really excited for you Erin!

Dani said...

Yes, what happens if it's haying your critters 24/7/365. Can you afford that?

Otherwise it does have some character... how's the location, foundation and so on?