Saturday, July 14, 2007

suns up and i slept...yay! cranky was that last post? not that all my worries are gone today but man-o-man i do not do well without sleep.

some things i will do with the money from selling my home:

get new glasses( the ones i'm wearing are 10 years old, prescription included)
register and insure my truck and get her carb rebuilt
give my mom some money since she helped me through last winter and she could really use it.
buy some goddam socks
eat enough food for once...gain some weight..
go home to new york and see my family and friends(haven't been home in 5 or so years)....and get some major tattoo work done by my life long friend who is now some hotshot tattooist...yesssss.
get my butt over to the bay area and see my most gorgeous and amazing leona as well as kasi and seeley and some other folks i mostly know thru the internet.....and maybe grab some open mics with my poetry.(a fresh audience would be a treat, everyone in new mexico has heard it all
buy an electric spinning wheel so i can up my production without killing my legs and back.
buy a whole bunch of lamb fleece from my sheep yoda.

and most most importantly, buy a home (with plumbing!) for my heart and my animals to live and love.

come on yemaya......

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sq said...

congrats on film appearances. excited that you want to visit upstate n the bay. wanting u to find a not so trafficked spot for y'all to live. will pray w/new altar set up this week for your providence. love, seeley