Thursday, July 5, 2007

dream time addendum....

as if things weren't confusing enough right now...theres a new option in front of me. i'm swirling around in my head with so so much to contemplate and decide here it is....
a friend of a friend, who also has e.i., has 5 acres that she lives on just 20 some minutes south of santa fe. She has sheep as well as goats and a most beautiful horse and a dog and some cats. She is open to the idea of sharing her land with me...i would buy a yurt (this i'd take with me when i leave there) and also i'd build a barn for my sheep and chickens in exchange for rent (since she'd get to keep the barn when i left.).

at this point i could build a barn in my sleep.

i would have shower/bath priveleges in her huge rambling adobe. she'd run a seperate phone line to the yurt. I'd have to fence in the yurt in order to keep my dogs in/with me.
it would all involve a whole buncha work in the next coupla months but in some ways its not any more huge and scary as diving into owning another property all on my own that really in the bigger picture i can barely afford....but then again, i'd be on someone elses land, living in a glorified tent...but then again i wouldn't have bills and taxes and septic and blahdeblahdeblah all on my own little shoulders as i will if i get the house down the valley.

and, all this yurt business would be a temporary thru winter kind of thing while my friend thats in santa fe and i look for land in the area.

hmmmmmmm. its a pros and cons extravagaza.

swirling head...thats what i have....and my tummy is all tight with no room for food....i'm in some kind of scorpionic decision making purgatory....but hey, at least i'm not lookin' at homeless. i never want to look at homeless again.

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Hankster said...

Okay, I'm back, sorry for whopping you in the head and running for the exit not long ago. But, this here shit calls for some market driven consideration, and I am just the capitalist PIG to do it. First, don't rent when you can buy. Any money given to another party in rent is gone...gone...gone forever.
Second, renters are the bottoms, not tops in the arrangement. 'Nuff said there.
Third, you have opportunity cost. What's that? That is the cost in appreciation in another property that you will not get if you sell one appreciating asset and don't buy another if you rent instead of buy. And we all need asset appreciation because we are all getting older and this society is geared to each person providing for themselves (in old age).
We haven't gotten to the tax considerations yet.
Right, wrong, or thoughts.....