Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ok....the next hope for home is....

this ginourmous adobe down in the village right below me.
Its on an acre, has community water, electric and an extra mobile home hook up.It needs a bunch of work like ripping out the 70's blue shag rug thats been doused with mothballs....yech.
theres also this awesome old log building, looks like its fallingdown but its actually quite sturdy and perfect for the sheep as inside its only about 5 ft or so high.
i really love the view, this is from the porch. the mora river is right below.
there is one neighbor super close by but they are behind the house so easy to ignore. theres a few really cute little kids that live there...i crossed paths with them on their way back from the river where they were fishing. super cute.
theres the mountains behind the house. i so love the mountains.
so cross yr fingers folks cuz this ol' house is about all there is on order within my price range!


Aaron said...

I like it! I vote for this one. Good luck.

Kam said...
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erin ambrose said...

hi aaron! i like it to.....i've just got to get the stupid realtor to meet me (i'm not much a priority when she's got million dollar properties to show...grrr) so i can get inside and then i'll make an offer and then we all cross our collective fingers!!!!

hope you and yr love and the wee ones are well...

Jbeeky said...

This looks awesome! I love the curve into the window, shows someone cared enough to make it nice and strong! I am sending good vibes to move this along!!!