Tuesday, July 24, 2007

does anyone know

how to post audio to this here blogsite? A friend sent me an mp3 of my performance in the film "commiting poetry.." and i was hoping to share as its the next best thing to magically dragging y'all to a reading right? but alas, i can't figure it out.

i can however send it to anyone interested via email...so lemme kow if you'd like to give a listen and i'll send it yr way.If i don't already have yr email just post it as a comment and i'll be sure to keep it private.
its a recording from about 4 years ago or so....right after we invaded iraq. I'd ike to think my delivery and cadence has improved since then but hey, its not too bad.

as for the chacon house....i'm trying my bestest to envision the end product, and muster my superqueer strength to get it there....i need a cape and some tights


Kam said...

Good morning! I used to love doing all that stuff (gutting, building..etc). I wish I could help you@ and the road trip. My days are long gone too for those. Now we have our ranch too run. And yes...I would love to see your perforamce!!! Send it on!

Jbeeky said...

Send it girl! I will think positive for you that the right path comes clear!