Friday, June 29, 2007

random things....

In all honesty, the biggest thing going on in my life right now is the high drama decision to sell the farm, where i would go if i did and how much the farm needs to sell for so that i can actually find a home with more amenties for my -not getting any younger- worn out and weary self......BUT, that said, i was gonna try and take a break from it all for a couple days so as not to self destruct from the stress so i'm loath to go on about it right here , right now.

tomorrow i go to see this little place down in the village, again, but this time the owner will be there to let me in and answer questions...i will bring the camera, take lotsa pics, post them here and await y'alls wise replies.
the woman who lived her life there died not long ago at 103 years old....which i'll admit draws me in. I need to have a connection with my a lover a house is to me.

My house here is practically part of my body i'm so connected to it. I love love earthen homes for that reason.

In other of my so-called hens, well, pullets, is turning out to be a rooster i believe. I watched the little bugger trying to crow yesterday morning stretching its wings and rising up to tippy toe with a cracking tentative voice like a pubescent teeenager. All i can say is he'd better behave himself or he'll end up the first animal to be slaughtered on the farm...last thing i need is some cranky rooster givin' me grief. The only other testosterone induced, willie swingin' being on the farm is my big boy cat Marcos...and he just recently got his balls snipped so he doesn't really count anymore.

and that folks, is all the news thats fit to print.

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Jbeeky said...

I await the pictures! I love the idea of a little old lady ghost as well......