Wednesday, June 13, 2007

images of a small farm life

random stuff...just because....just for some ease of mind

the chickens are growing so fast! the white one is my one delaware pullet, they are super rare so she's kinda special. I call the brown ones my 'red tail hawks' just to make them feel special as well....

this old door is the start of what will be the interior chicken digs by the time winter comes. frida has decided that for now its her very own -time out- space.

I've spun some yarn from everyones fleece at this point and sold a good amount so far! heres some that i spun from godiva the smiling sheep.

and this beauty is one of the few wild iris i have left. When i moved here and didn't yet have ruminants, the pasture was covered with these. apparently they are pretty damn tasty.

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Jbeeky said...

That yarn looks amazing. Wish I knit.