Wednesday, June 6, 2007

works in progress, global warming and fuck war anyway

trying to write about going hungry in the empire in some sort of inspired , arty, poetic , grab the reader by the cojones type of way...its not an easy task. it does not work in the interest of good art to be putting up walls to protect myself, but getting past all the classist, ableist, capitalist crap in the world about poor people is hard stuff.

the wind is howling today, could see gusts to 60 mph...not something i associate with otherwise green and luscious june at all. But word has it that wind is only gonna get worse here with the whole climate death scenario. lovely.

funny how both the hunger and the wind can then so easily transition to the fucking bush clan and those goddam democrat corporate cowards we foolishly elected to end the war thinking that democracy was actually intact somewhere somehow....
reminds me of my youthful anarcho days when i used to listen to crass..." left wing, right wing...they're all the fucking same."

i'm so bone weary of all the waste and death and resources sucked up by the mighty war machine.
so weary of wealth.

wind howling.

Lupe was finally sheared...shorn? The jury is sheep are chubby....sigh. guess the good news is that i don't need as much hay next winter, which means more food for me!
this post isn't very cheery eh?.... well, in more upbeat news appears i'm in some sort of film thats been doing quite well at assorted film festivals around the country. Its screening in albuquerque this month so i'm gonna head down and check it out.(a summer bonus is that i can make such a trip for free since in the warm weather my car runs on waste veg. oil yay!) Its called "committing poetry in a time of war"....if you find it playing in a town near you...go see it!


Jbeeky said...

Congrats Erin! I am googling to see if it is in my area! I love the look of sheared sheep, does it make them look more like babies or something?

jackadandy said...

I so, so hear you on hunger/poverty/class and one's anger at Washington and the rest of the careless capitalists of whatever stripe. It seems like even when I can temper my rage about my own personal situation, I cannot still my fury about the millions like me, and millions more even worse off.

I also live in a rural desert, where the weather is always at the front of one's consciousness, and I make the same unhappy connection between the strange changes going down with the wind and the temperature and the precipitation and that same damn capitalist machine.

It IS enough to make one despair... But at least I have enough to eat. For now.

erin ambrose said...

thanks jbeeky! i'm excited to check it out...i hope i'm not too dorky on the big screen.

and jackadandy.....thanks for the reality check. its a funny thing to be a poor person on the internet as its kind of a contradiction...not many of us here....esp. blogging!

jackadandy said...

In the West access to the Internet seems to be governed by financial class to an extent, but it's also heartening to me how many otherwise very disenfranchised people (poverty, disability, shut-in's, rural) ARE on-line, even aggressively so, albeit often with old and meagre equipment. It makes for an almost unprecedented mix that can sometimes really change the conversation.

On the other hand, I'm concerned about some voices that are quietly being dropped from the discourse, especially the elderly, many of whom simply are not going to take on yet another new technology; and the less literate or learning-disabled, for whom reading and writing, even at a simple level, is much, much harder than speaking and listening.

erin ambrose said...

jd true so true.