Thursday, June 21, 2007

happy solstice!

it kind of freaks me out that the days are going to get shorter now....i'm still so winter traumatized! summer is not exactly blogging time...too busy outside busting my butt. I thought i'd share some of the summer beauty of the mountains.
the days are hot now and unlike the sheep, the llamas get to be out all night grazing when the daytime comes and the sheep are needing to be out and about , all the llamas want to do is stay in the cool dark of the barn. and if the llamas don't go out , the sheep won't the poor sheep don't get to graze! So, in true shepherd fashion i've been taking them out myself. really a great excuse to take a break from working and just sit in the shady forest for a spell. This is the entrance to the woods, an old logging road that goes back to the creek.I had wanted to go all the way back there and photograph the creek and the old growth trees but the sheep are reluctant to go in too deep....i don't blame them, its predator world back there.I'm glad to see that the grass supply is holding up well!and heres my favorite sunset place to sit....i've a footbridge crossing the arroyo, theres a little waterfall just above, hidden by the brush. so lucky i am to be in new mexico and have all this water and green.Its the pay off for surviving all that snow!I hope you all have a magical solstice.

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Jbeeky said...

Erin, that last photo is amazing! Totally worth it!