Wednesday, May 14, 2008

owl and rain

it began in the wee hours of the morning. lightening, thunder...then rain. sweet sweet rain. and it hasn't stopped for hours. So rare these deep soaking substantial rains are this time of year that the day feels magical. sacred. every moment blessed and lifted up and out of the ordinary.
the last real precipitation we had was maybe in march? i honestly can't remember.

and speaking of being lifted from the ordinary...yesterday afternoon i was down below next to the orchard playing with the dogs when an owl appeared in the trees above me.
for those of you that have been with me for a while on this little blog, you've read about my owl history and death connection, but for newer folks just have a look here.

once i noticed it in the trees everything else fell away. i've only actually seen an owl one other time in my life. well, this one was huge and with a bit of maneuvering around i found a clear view...i felt like i was attempting to look at the sun.
It looked right back at me. we literally locked in a stare. the big creamy white moonshaped face and huge black eyes. i was ....i was so many things....and nothing...i was nothing at all.

it took a short flight then to a tree that was out of my range.

then i saw the nest. now i'm not sure its the owls...but its really big. i know little about owl nests, except that they tend to use old nests from other birds, or holes in trees or barns. but how amazing if theres gonna be little owl hatchlings in the orchard...a nest full of moon faced seers.


Kjersti said...

Erin, it sounds like a wonderful experience, but a mixed blessing. I hope all remains well with you and yours.

I have seen owls a number of times here, usually during the long drives that going from one place to another entail in Alaska. In a little village I saw a snowy owl in a stubby tree over a period of several days. It's not uncommon to hear owls hooting in the night here, and sometimes if you hoot, they will hoot back. Most cool!

erin ambrose said...

wow...a snowy owl! theres a treat. i'm not convinced this one is nesting in the orchard so we'll see.

i hear them hoo-hooing' away once in a while here at night too.