Saturday, May 17, 2008

after 2 glorious days of nonstop rain...

everything is just beaming green and hap hap happy...this is my bed of beets and peas!
can someone please tell me what kind of tree this is? its draped allover with these gorgeous flowers that are just humming with bees.
and this is the resident cutest thing ever comin' at me for treats. (its all about food)
my pasty legs on the bridge.
the rain was just the trick to get my zapatista corn to make its grand appearance!! yay! my basil and calendula also came up after the sacred soaking.and here is one of the survivng romaine plants after the second and seemingly fatal chicken truly is a garden miracle.


Kjersti said...

Yay for rain! I spent a couple of years in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and for the first time understood what it was to miss the rain. Having grown up in Southeast Alaska rain was an omnipresent factor, and soggy soil one of the gardening problems we dealt with. So it was good later to find the sense regeneration and renewal that can fill one's body and spirit when a needed rain falls generously.
I am glad you can live in/with such a beautiful place, it's a richness that many people never experience.
Cheers! kalaska

Jbeeky said...

What camera do you have? Those pictures are so amazing! I love that sheep!

erin ambrose said...

what kind of camera...well, i'm lookin' at it right now and it says its a fujifilm finepix a340 4.0 megapixel...i don't know much about digital mom got me this one about 3 years ago, its held up well, i've dropped it in the snow, on the wood floor, banged it around...and yeah it takes good photos too...but i'll confess i'm a notorious photo doctoring type...its fun... usually lessen the exposure and enrich the colors since the sun here is so so bright...its bleaches everything out.

there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Hi erin--kirk here--I tried to comment a few days ago but I did something wrong--I think your tree is in the legume family--possibly a black or honey locust--bees love them--but I have never been to that part of the country so It's just a guess..

Rosie said...

Hey Erin,

I've been meaning to stop by. Thanks for all the comments--yeah--it does look like I fell down the mountain. Thing is--the only part of my arm that made contact was the heel of my hand. All of that was from the internal bleeding which hurts worse than if it actually had made contact.

Your lambie is so cute! My guys are getting so woolie it's past time to shear--but will have to wait until the arm heals. I ripped the crap out of all my tendons.

I've got so much stuff being published in the next month it's crazy--and one of them let me choose my own artist!

Anyway...miss you! Love You--I return email!