Sunday, May 4, 2008

May Day!

now, anyone that knows me at all knows that i've got a lot to say about class, classism and capitalism in general...right? having straddled the tattered line between working and poverty class my whole life...including right now....its no surprise that may day, or international workers day, is one of my favorite days.

the roots of May Day trace back to 1886 and the Haymarket riots in Chicago which began with the national struggle for the 8 hr work day.

heres some photos i gleaned from the Associated Press of workers rallying around the world...members of the united russia party in Moscow.
Andalucia, southern Spain.
May Day protests were banned in Turkey and cops broke up crowds w/ tear gas.
Los Angeles
Paris. the sign says "Workers of the World Unite!! There are no foreigners in this land. Liberty, equality, fraternity. Justice!!!"

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