Thursday, April 24, 2008

the first day of their new life

the little ones are here...after much to do.
they had a bad day yesterday...tattooed, tagged, crammed into a station wagon and driven 70 miles to end up in a pen w/ some ornery gigantic ewes that arent too thriled with their arrival.
i'm exhausted too. integration is always stressfull....i've still got the dogs to introduce once they've settled a bit...eeee.
the bigger slighty older one, i haven't been able to get a face shot yet...but i've named her ida after my great great grandma. now, i don't know if my great great grandma was a loud, demanding matriarch type...but this little one will not stop baaaaaaaing. its a little nutty making.i'm hoping she'll chill w/ time and familiarity . she seems to be a natural leader when we go down to pasture which is funny....she's focused.

and this little gem i've named june.... she's more the contemplative quiet poet type....every once in a while will say "maaaaa". she's really little. like a fluffy football to hold.

now its time for me to have a bath...i've been sitting in the dusty, wind blown sheep pen all day, getting aquainted.

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