Thursday, April 17, 2008

food riots, wind and sheep bloat....oh my!

i wish i had some charming farm photos to share but honestly the thought of trekking out with the camera these past days is just out of the question thanks to the all mighty, wreck the day wind.

everything is in super flux here. some dudes are here doing all this fencing and building the new barn and workshop, ye ol' butchy dyke is still here working on what will be my tiny little caretaker house...then theres the plumber and the electrician and then i've got to paint the place, try and tie up any loose ends and then actually move me and all my crap over there as well as set up my looms and such in the hopefully by then finished workshop....phew.

meanwhile i'm trying to sort the sheep routine....not an easy task. theres some forty acres down below growing alfalfa...of which i am not a fan.....and as was confirmed a few days ago, it can be deadly to sheep. The pasture i had sectioned off for them still had too much demon alfalfa growing in it apparently and i went down to round them up the other day and lupe looked like she had a football on her left side of her abdomen....seriously. and the others looked a little distended as well. so after jumping on line and reading frantically as much crap about bloat as i could....and it was all to the tune of "EMERGENCY" and "DEATH"....i found a baking soda remedy that i threw together and crammed down all of their throats. and what do ya know but a half hour later lupe and the others looked fine. esp. amazing is lupes recovery since she was beginning to pant and stagger.

so thank fuck for the internet...and even more for high speed internet...if i had still been using dial up, chances are lupe would be dead as a bloated doornail.

and i'm sure you all have been hearing about the food riots breaking out all over the world...well, predominatly the global, south america, haiti is sounding pretty bad.....and even here in the crumbling empire the cost has risen. but we're not yet to the point of starvation that leads us to take to the streets and riot.
folks in the know blame the rising cost of petrol, the production of goddam ethanol, and climate change....

talk of this global food crisis sends my little brain into a survival spin....i think, more chickens! i need more chickens! and dairy goats and a green house quick quick quick....ahhh, if only the solution were so simple... as though more chickens will keep the water from drying up and the ecosystems from unravelling.

speaking of climate change and food, the winds here have been relentless, so much so that i didn't manage to get the next round of seeds in the ground. the garden just sits empty for the most part. there just hasn't been a day thats been friendly enough....who wants to garden in high winds wih grit hitting you in the face? I'm not totally out of time, but i like to plant with the new moon, and that window has passed til next month which is when the hot crops go in...i've kinda missed the chance for cooler stuff...til fall anyway. its already 80 degrees april!

really, if anything is gonna drive me from this otherwise sweet situation i have here on this farm....its the winds.

so cheery...this post....but hey! at least the sheep survived certain bloaty death!

and today is the first day of our alloted irrigation off of the acequia madre...its my job to turn the wheels and open the floodgates.
if the weather is kind i'll take along the camera and show y'all what its lookin' like....

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