Friday, April 4, 2008

Seven Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

rosie over at smokey mt. breakdown tagged anyone that wanted to be tagged with this meme so i figured i'd give it a go since i haven't done a meme in a long while....

1. I was crowned miss preteen syracuse n.y. @ 12 yrs. old....thats right, read it and weep suckas.

2.i put ketchup on everything...well, maybe not everything ...but its a white trash, raised on foodstamps habit thats stuck with me.

3.i wish i didn't have breasts. they're a pain, they make my clothes hang funny, they get all owey once a month, they flop around when i run, and they are some sort of instant gender identifier that then causes people to make all kinds of assumptions about me...but i know i'm too poor to have them removed.....and its not THAT big a deal for me...i guess...oh, i don't know.

4.i think a lot about death....well, not like all the time but its interesting to me. all the things that kill us, what death is like
and how to make peace with the inevitable and be present for whatever amount of aging i get to do.

5.i think daniel radcliffe is really fucking hot. i'm a letchy old fag, i know...but he is.

6.the state of the world scares the crap outta me.

7.i do not own a single pair of underwear....i'd actually like to have some but i just never seem to get around to getting any.

and i'm gonna do what rosie did and tag anyone out there thats wants to give it a whirl...but i do have to tag jbeeky...i just have to! cheers


sighing said...

reference to #3:
I got mine cut off.
The insurance paid for it since they were mighty damn big to begin with and were giving me all kinds of back and neck and shoulder pains.
The night before the surgery I sat at my desk and picked them up from their lowly position down by the bottom of my rib cage and and placed them on the desk then said goodbye.
Next day the doc removed ten pounds of chest tissue for me.
I am now a very happy (almost a) B cup.
One of the best decisions I ever made.
a very sad p.s.
It was freaky how many women said to me,
"Why do you want to cut them off? Men love big breasts!". WTF!!!!

erin ambrose said... tho yr body exsits to please you should suffer for that...weird.

...i like the bit about setting them on the desk and saying goodbye. thats a moving image.
thanks for writing it

cripchick said...

daniel radcliffe... hmmm... hermonie, yes and that one evil blonde kid, but daniel radcliffe?

i think i'm gonna do this meme : )

erin ambrose said...

ahhh...its the whole dark hair blue eyed english thing....and the naked with the horses in equus thing....