Thursday, May 15, 2008

...and with the owl comes death

so, since my rather intense owl visit a couple days ago i've been pondering who it is that might die or if maybe just maybe i'm through with all that and it was just an owl and me occupying the same space...end of story. but i just got a call from an old old friend and yesterday his dog, that was once our dog, died. She was really old for a big big dog. Akeyla was her name...we got her from the oakland flea market when we lived in the east bay, maybe '93 ?. At that time we also had Lupa, my beloved wolf-dog that was rescued in portland. Lupa died back in 2002.
I don't have any digital photos of Akeyla, but she was a big shepherd/sled dog beastly huge endless endless appetite. if i find an old photo and can get it up here i will.

so, there we have least now i can relax about the whole who's gonna die question.

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