Tuesday, May 6, 2008

farm visuals

this is the bridge thats in front of what will be my little house...someday...when all the freakin' work on it is done....it'll be nice since i can hear the water from the house.and hey! theres the airstream! remember the airstream?
the big ol' cottonwoods are just beginning to bloom...and i am just beginning to sneeze non-stop.
heres my girls...they don't get much blog attention.
ahhhh...the little ones....the white ones name ended up being siren since i'm pretty sure she'll always be the one yelling her head off. and little june has become june-bug....because she is. I love love their little dirty knees.

yesterday as i sat down below in the orchard with the sheep, a hummingbird flew up to me and checked out my entire head...all sides, my hair, my ears...even my face.tapping me lightly with its funny little hummingbird tongue. i held totally still, trying not to laugh.


Manerva said...

How magic to have a hummingbird tongue you! Gosh that sounds bad! It must have know you had a kind soul anyhow... Love the babes.

Jbeeky said...

How amazing! You have the most intense experiences of anyone I know.