Saturday, August 25, 2007

death and telltales

last night an owl came to rest outside my house. i heard the very loud call from in the house and snuck out into the moonlight thinking it must be really close, like on the porch or the front gate. I saw its silhouette right away....sitting on top of the power pole next to the house. It was huge! Everything was very still, and i stood there quite a long time transfixed and hoping to catch a glimpse of its wing span.
which i did.
and it was just as enormous as i'd hoped.when i finally went back inside i called my friend and left a long winded voicemail about the visit and how magical and how it always makes be a bit edgy when the owls visit because it has always then been connected to the death of something. sometimes an animal friend, sometimes a human friend.
this has happened to me many many times. sometimes the visit is in the flesh , sometimes in dreams. sometimes the person that dies told me of a dream or sighting, or the dreamer or seer then has an animal die... i've both dreamt and seen but not yet died....obviously!

an ex girlfriend of mine that commited suicide had not only dreamt about them (first time a few nights before her dog died) seen them and heard them often in the time i knew her, she was on the free way one day when the car in front of her hit a great horned owl and so she stopped by the road side and brought the body home feeling bad about it being left on the highway.
we took it to the woods out back and left it strewn with flowers.

so ... last night this big ol' owl continued its cry through the night....made it hard to sleep it was so loud.

i made sure to gather the cats inside.

then earlier today i made a call to the woman who's land i'll be staying on down near santa fe. just to check in about a few things.
She runs a sheep rescue, has maybe 15 sheep as well as some goats.

She sounded like a wounded bird when she aswered the phone.
Last night some roaming dogs got onto her land and mauled one of her sheep. It was the one she had bottle fed and raised herself....she used to sit at cafes in town with that lamb sleeping on her lap. she was his mother.
his name was anhil and he died at the animal hospital this morning.

i remembered the owl when i got off the phone....i also remembered her telling me a couple weeks ago the 2 great horned owls had come to her house in the night.

so go ahead, call me supersticious...its just a spinsters tale.....but between you me...ya gotta mind the owls.

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Jbeeky said...

I totally believe in animal totems. I had a huge heron land in my back yard not five minutes, seriously five minutes after I was complaining to my animal visited friend that no animals ever come and visit me. Weird and wonderful.