Sunday, August 12, 2007

the last harvest then new ground

when my batteries are charged again i'm gonna take some pictures of my garden stuff....its been so nice to eat collards and carrots and garlic and such....theres nothing like fresh garlic, so different than the dried out stuff from the store.Squash isn't quite there yet, but the plants are huge! i love squash, so easy to grow, the grasshoppers don't eat it and it grows with such unstoppable, satisfyingly enourmous audacity.

and the new closing date for the land is sept. 10th. i've decided to stop my search for something to buy and instead focus on getting out of here and into one of the handfull of temp. housing choices i have for winter....
a woman with ei, some sheep, goats and a horse, and 5 acres near santa fe has said i can come there for a spell.
my sheep yoda has said i can come there for a spell. she has a big herd of sheep, some milk goats, pyrenees dogs and a donkey.
theres an empty farm over the mountain needing a caretaker for the winter.theres 23 acres and a big house.
theres the huge organic farm where the llamas went to down south.
and my friends down the valley need a caretaker for their farm as well, also with a huge sheep herd, milk goats, chickens, alpacas, name it.

all of these choices allow for my own animal herd to come along which is grand.

i'm partial to the ei woman near santa fe as she is also near albuquerque....and thats where the poetry is....which i need like i need my heart to beat.
there is, ofcourse, ridiculous amounts of work to do to get out of here. and, testimony to why i'm leaving in the first place, i sure could use some helping hands, its too much for just little me.

beyond winter and spring...who knows. either something do-able will emerge here in new mexico or i'll pack up and head home to upstate new york..
now that would be something to write about, eh?


Khamakaze said...

Good morning. :) I like that idea about looking for something for winter. Something to take care of while you are figuring out what to do and save money while you are doing it. Too bad we didnt have more room over here in Oklahoma in the winter. Lots of work here to do. It sucks cause I can't work with all this chemo. I admire you for what you are doing. People think sometime people who do what you is irreponsible and I think it is brave..probably cause I have done it myself. Once a soldier always a soldier.

Following the adventure...

erin ambrose said...

hey there kam...i dunno how brave it all is of me really. it would take an equal amounts of guts...or stick it out here for another winter without enough money to make ends meet. that said...this place isn't sold till its sold....anything could happen between now and sept. 10th....thats the brave bit, staying calm in the limbo land!

Jbeeky said...

I am glad you are getting another winter there. I can't picture your animal brood in NY.