Thursday, August 16, 2007

taking a bit of right here right now time

diosa has my favorite backside.
this of eva just cracks me up...hopefully will make you laugh as well.
heres the smilin' godiva...note the burry-seed-like plant life clinging to her wool, this is a big pain in my spinner-ass.
i've begun harvesting the hops. such a lovely sight for someone with persistent sleep and worry issues. hops knock me out...yesss....and they make beer, all praise a good beer.


Jbeeky said...

Hops can help sleep? Tell me more? I have sleep issues too.....

erin ambrose said...

I'm on disability for a lot of stuff but insomnia and anxiety are huge. (i see these as symptoms of e.i....and being poor) so anyway, i'm fairly well versed when it comes to all things naturally sedating.

so, yeah, hops works well for me anyway. makes a frighteningly bitter tea...which i like, but you might want to add honey! i find it works fairly quickly.