Tuesday, March 27, 2007

wind dictates day

not much goin' on around here.
sold 2 lbs of yarn!
these 2 ducks have begun flying east over the house every morning.
i'm mostly stuck inside today cuz its too damn windy to enjoy the sunshine. so i keep my hands busy while my mind daydreams, problem solves and remembers....memories so intact i can make myself laugh or cry or gasp with sudden desire or sadness. a scorpionic talent. i did well in drama class back in high school.

in other non-news...
i caught this sheep configuration this morning. those colors are just screaming to be a big heavy blanket.


BBC said...

It was beautiful here this morning. I sat on my love seat out in the yard and enjoyed two cups of coffee.

Then it started to get cloudy and windy. But all in all it was a good day.

I hope it ended up well for you also.

jacket said...

I think I might idealize your life a bit. I like to read about your days because they seem so different from mine. Instead of three good looking sheep, I wake up to people honking horns, sirens blaring and pigeons eating garbage. I'm not complaining, I'm just noting the contrast. It's interesting.

Rosie said...

That's a great photo! They really striking a pose for you!

The boys are settling in very nicely. In fact, they are getting entitled. These guys are in rough shape physically. Very very thin under all that wool. I can feel ribs. I'm using how much ribbage I can usually feel for goats as a guide and it's thinner than I would like my goats to be.

I've nominated you for a "blog of the day award". I just won one. Should pop your hits up and get you some more visability....and you'll get some fruit salad to put in your sidebar.

Hayden said...

mmmm, that would be a wonderful blanket for sure!

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Famous Quotations said...

I was going to go hunt sown who nominated you but I see she posted just above here.

It was Rosie at Smokey Mountain Breakdown.