Friday, March 16, 2007

close to slavery

now, i'm a habitual democracy now! listener...but i found this segment from yesterday particularly informative. It gives a detailed explanation of what all king bush's push for expanded guestworker programs really means...and no big invloves a slew of human rights abuses, debt and profit. I guess i knew that much, but its good to get an idea of how it really really works.

and ya know...fuck free trade....i really see it as one of the root causes of all of this in that it creates the economic disparity that drives folks from central and south america away from their homelands and families and into the arms of the empire...desperate for income.


BBC said...

Geez, all of a sudden a number of posts. And I'm ready for a nap. I'll try to get back to you later.

You keep saying queer, are you gay? I don't care, I just would like to know.

Actually, I don't think much of the word queer if a person is gay.

jacket said...

I think queer says something very different than gay. To me it is an indicator of politics and perhaps generation. Rock on with the anti-war protest and your political analysis in general. Good stuff. Maybe we can change your online track record one of these days. Your poem about butch hands is beautiful. I know it wasn't about me, but it feels like it could have been.

BBC said...

I believe in free trade, but I think I view it differently and think it should be done differently. I also believe in open boarders.

Ah well, such as things are, that is now they are at this time in time and space it seems.

erin ambrose said...

hey bbc...yeah i'm a gay girl....but i use queer as i like it better....its sort of an umbrella term for all the folks that don't fit the in the straight box.
and jacket is right in thats its a generational thing...but it seems that the gay word is becoming trendy retro with folks younger than i.....who knows.

and borders....still can't believe they are building that freakin' wall...but hey, others have.

erin ambrose said...

jacket....hmmmmmmm......don't go gettin' me all excited now.....I'll say hello to ol' fanta se for you today while i'm groovin' to marimba on the plaza.

Rosie said...

It just sucks so much all around. Did you read about all these children left stranded in the New Bedford raid?

Do you read Nezua's Blog?

He's added some settings that make it easier for those of us with dial-up and slow connections to load his page ...which is a good thing.

He writes beautifully about immigration and human rights issues.

BBC said...
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