Thursday, March 15, 2007

queer farmers for peace

this is what my sign will say that i'm going to make tomorrow for the anti-war march on saturday in santa fe...i need something for the backside as well..sustaining life not empire....something like that? suggestions?
i hear theres a marimba band so there'll be lotsa dancing .

In other news my day was whacky and really toxic so i'm kinda sick which blows but emotionally i made it thru un-scathed. managed not to panic.
truck wouldn't start so after much fiddling involving gas fumes (which totally kicks my nervous systems ass) I got it to start but then when it started all i could smell was this horrific burning chemical kinda plastic meltdown smell so i shut it off and left it for a bit. Meanwhile i keep smelling this fucking burning chem smell thinking its just eminating from the truck so i decide to risk getting it outta here to my neighbors where my car is for the winter. The goal then would be to come back in my car since the roads are dry and also rid myself of this toxic smelliness.
magically the truck made the journey just fine and i brought the car back up here and the second i got out of the car...i could smell that fucking smell. So i go up to the backside of my place to get a view and lo and behold ...a small fire burning amongst some old junked cars on my neighbors neighbors land....little puffs of acrid blue smoke swirling into the air. No one is there...this guy lives down below. So he came up,dumped the trash like he's been doing his whole life, started the fire and left.
So i'm then having to take buckets of water with me thru 2 barbed wire fenclines and scramble up a thorny hillside to this wretched flaming pit of trash and put it out....this took several trips with water.I was worried the water might react with something and blow up...or spit at me. all the while i'm trying not to breathe but having to breathe the smoke. I saw caulking tubes and spraypaint cans.
this happens everywhere in rural poor place has its own decades old landfill/burn pit right down in front of the house. I tackle a bit of it everysummer...cans, glass, blobs of melted somethinerother.

I've got this pain in the top of my head...very acute....and i can't remember where i put somethin' 2 minutes after the fact.
I've brought the sheep in so i don't lose track of em'...its one of those days.
i even came close to trapping my ass in the attic by fidging with the ladder while i was up there...its a long way down!

but the days almost over ....and soon i'll just lie my ass down on the couch with some potatoe pancakes and collards and watch "the office"...if i can get the channel....that show is my guilty pleasure. its makes me laugh.
and don't i need a laugh.

at least it was a gorgeous day.

and hey! blogger won't let me upload photos....whats up with that?
its very boring.


Jbeeky said...

I guess it is not the sort of thing you can talk to your neighbor about, huh? That sucks. I hope you feel better.

BBC said...

Big protest here today, I'll be there.

erin ambrose said...

jbeeky...before i went over to douse the mess myself i called the dude. Theres a bit of a language barrier but that aside i said " hey theres a fire on yr land and no ones around and it smells really toxic" and all he did was come on up, stare at it for a few minutes and leave.....i think he was just humoring the hippy gringo chic.
His wife is friend of mine (she has a dyke daughter and is down with "family") so i might be able to work thru her....

Rosie said...

I like Queer Farmers for Peace! You need a tractor.

So sorry about the trash thing. We have that here too with illegal mountain dumps where people throw refrigerators and big stuff like that right off the side of the mountain. It's worse than the junk cars..which I actually sort of like. My neighbors do this crap too. It's right down the mountain and I'm always worried somebody has set the kudzu fields on fire.

I sure hope you feel better. Have you got a respirator? Might be something to invest in. Fit is really important and the right chem filters.