Sunday, March 11, 2007

animal appreciation day

Mucking...spinning yarn...talking to either myself , pretend other people, or the animals....same old same old.
I thought i’d share some about the four leggeds here besides just the sheep...just cuz...its been a mellow day and i was outside with camera moochin’ around.

these are the llamas fast asleep after breakfast. when their heads are down like that it means they are really out for the count. I ‘ve walked up close to neffe before and just watched her head bobble back and forth deep in a llama dream....what do llamas dream about? A field of alfalfa? they aren’t supposed to have too much alfalfa...too rich for their high mt. bolivian/peruvian blood...but they love it like chocolate.
their sleeping pose always reminds me of “the dark crystal”...remember this movie? I believe it was made by jim -puppetry master- henson... I think its a great movie...even as a grown up. but anyway...they look like those peaceful creatures that draw pictures with sand and meditate a lot.

and this is eva...she is also enjoying a post breakfast snooze. I found her last spring, a tiny pup (still had puppy breath), at the post office down in the village. Chacon is a common dumping ground for dogs by people who are too damn lazy to even take em’ to the pound much less get their animals sterilized. I’ve had them dumped up here by my place...but the truly lazy just leave at the p.o.. So there she was just sitting on the stoop....too cute to i swept her up and tossed her in the truck with agatha.

Now, agatha i picked up at the pound in las vegas some 3 years ago. They don’t get long to live there,like 3 days, its a poor pound. She’s some kind of pyrenees/cattle dog mix...both are common enough round here. She always sits back on her pelvis like that...cracks me up. She’s great with the livestock since she has NEVER put her mouth or feet on anyone but eva (see pic below)....its great.Big gentle pushover. the cats make bread on her while she sleeps.

and the cats i couldn’t find anywhere...with the nice weather they’ve been killin’ up a storm of big and little mice...and rolling in dust...and climbing trees.


BBC said...

"The Dark Crystal"

Never heard of it.

My cats are loving it outside now also. Two of them may or may not come in for the night.

Rosie said...

I loved The Dark Crystal. I used to collaborate with puppet folk. They had one of the puppets of the creatures at the Atl Center for Puppetry Arts. Henson is like a saint.

Alfalfa. It's crack for ruminants. The stuff I get is from Michigan and supposedly is 29% protein. If I have it on the property they will refuse all other feed.

Jbeeky said...

I loved the Dark Crystal too! I think I am going to have to scare up a copy on ebay for old times sake! Love the pics! This is "i" week in preschool, so do you have any iguanas?