Monday, March 5, 2007

happy day

Today was everything i'd been praying for....musta been close to 60 degrees and not a drop of wind...yesssss.I even let the woodstove go out for the day after the morning chill wore off. How great it was to be outside for hours, sporting my straw hat and sock free sandled feet even!...mending fencing, clearing the irrigation ditches...and mucking...lots of mucking....not just the barns but the whole main holding pen is deep with waste hay and if i don't get to it then the warmth of spring brings this horrible sort of rotting fish smell...which i suspect is some tasty anaerobic composting action benath the top layers.

I tried not to over do it...but i'm guessin' i'll be sore tomorrow.

This evening an owl was hoo-hooing across the road....if i could post that sacred sound to this blog i would.


BBC said...

Great, good for you.

I wish I had an owl here, other than the one on the wall above my bed.

It was nice here today also, lots of sun and warm, I got some more panels and spray foam insulation installed in the camper. If I wasn’t a fucking idiot I would remember to put on a hat before working with the foam, then I wouldn’t have to pull a chunk of my hair out. LOL

BBC said...


I wear that robe, or what ever you wish to call it, to peace protests, and when I do weddings.

Or when ever I damn well feel like it because I'm in a spiritual mood.

Most people like it, but I'm looking for something else also. Not quite as long and buttons up the front.

I like old native SW designs, something to do with the native soul in me I suppose.

Not that I have native blood in me that I know of, my ancestors are the ones that came and stole this country, it's just that I share that soul.

I may have to make what I want. It shouldn't be too hard, I know how to sew on buttons. LOL

But in my defense, I also know how to rebuild automatic transmissions and build and wire homes.

Rosie said...

I love that photo of you! I've been busting a gut doing stuff in the warm weather too. But we did have another cold snap with snow. Now it's warming up again. Hopefully get to doing more fencing tomorrow. But goaties are beginning to respect the boundaries again...yay!

I owe you an email.

BBC said...

That is a nice picture.

You are very nice looking.

No, I'm not flirting with you.

Just saying.

What is a chaconera?

erin ambrose said...

a chaconera (or chaconista) is someone that lives in chacon....i've heard this term from many mouths here. Always said with pride....not just anyone has what it takes to live in chacon!

Hayden said...

on the good hunting nights, my local Great Horned Owl finishes up his hunting around 3-4 AM, then he hangs out in a tree near my bedroom window and calls for awhile. I love being wakened by low call.