Sunday, March 4, 2007

Suzanne was there...she saw the whole thing...

On sunny still days its such a pleasure to put some music on and dance around while cooking food in the sun bathed kitchen...and today i sorted thru my music selection and stumbled upon Suzanne Vega which for me is a total throw back to high school and all of my inner city art school teen angst and art fagginess. I think I even choreographed my senior solo piece ( i was a dance major) to her song “the queen and the soldier”.
and i still know all the words to every song...despite my best youthfull efforts to destroy my brain cells.
oh yeah ...Vega was whitey urban artist girl 101... she was part of my hippy feminist emergence after far too much club scene
swank like the cure and the smiths.....oy veh. i started going to the bars at 15....thats 1985 baby.
My Vega habit even persisted into my heavy goth chick phase that was after know, lots of acid dropping, black clothing, Bauhaus, Dead can Dance, watching “the Hunger” and kissing my girlfriends on the dance floor even tho i wasn't officially gay yet...ha.
Suzanne i reserved for those quiet at home days where i painted and took long baths.
Alas within a year or two poor Suzanne was forgotten beneath the blare of my official coming out music like the Indigo Girls, Throwing Muses and Ani Difranco...the older dykes that owned the cafe i washed dishes for were so good to me and my musical backdrop at that awkward righteous time in my life. I kept it loud in the kitchen while i earned my $4.25 an hour.
ahhhh the soundtracks to our small self absorbed worlds.

here i am (on the right...doin' the kissin;), still lost in the closet at 17....posing for a queer schoolmates photo assignment. She obviously knew something i wasn't ready to know quite yet.

...”she would rather be a riddle
but she keeps challenging the future
with a profound lack of history...”


BBC said...

I pretty much missed the whole hippie thing. I was really square when I was young.

Got a good trade, got married, bought a home and started raising a family, became a service manager, blah, blah, blah.

Always admired the hippie thing though, other than the drugs, I never did get that.

Anyway, Suzanne Vega doesn't ring a bell, but any music you love is good for the soul. I don't listen to it everyday but it's always in my head and I break out with it a few times a day.

No sun here today, but not cold either so that was nice. No rain either, until this evening, but that is good, it will fill up my rain barrel again.

It was a nice relaxing day here. Have a nice tomorrow. :-)

Rosie said...

I went through a Suzanne Vega stage too. There was so much good music I didn't get around to converting to disc. Hell, there was so much good music I didn't get around to converting from 8-track to cassette.

I've been into most of those artists at one time or another.

Jbeeky said...

How I listened to Vega and the Indigo Girls then is so different than how I listen to them now. Ahhh Youth.