Wednesday, February 7, 2007

winter blanket

i sold a rug today. and damn don't i need the money. Barely a day off the loom and it sold to my neighbor down the canyon from me...i had shown it to her one day when she got her truck stuck in the mud that shoud be the road past my house.
she liked it....and knows i need the money.

and this is no wealthy woman, by any means. but really, it doesn't take much to be wealthier than my poor ass.
i think she is hoping to turn it around at a fiber arts show....sigh.....
but i need a sure sale....can't afford to hang it in a gallery and wait. not it the middle of winter.

Its a gorgeous rug....more like a blanket really, a thick heavy lambswool blanket.3 and half feet by 5 and a half yummy feet... 6 pounds of handspun yarn! i even dyed the yarn by hand.
And the wool is from here in the valley....i do believe a lamb named "fifi" supplied a good amount of the white.

i'm gonna miss that damn blanket.
someday i'll get to keep one.

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Rosie said...

That is gorgeous work.

Do you have anything posted in a web gallery...or have an online gallery? I have some well-off friends in Atlanta who I think would love to buy from you.

Money thing with me is really bad too right now. Property taxes due this month. Urghhh.