Friday, February 23, 2007

lost and found

so....i'm getting a book of my poetry published later this year and so right now i'm wading through all this older poetry...looking for gems....and there are some, needing a bit of dusting off, sprucing up. Its lots of fun. I'm even combing old journals that might have unfinished bits and pieces. Anyway...this one is about 10 yrs old....and what makes me chuckle my old whore chuckle is that i can't remember who i wrote it to....

ode to a butch top

i was walking through the woods in late afternoon sundown
when i came to a sudden stop
and for the longest time simply stood staring
at the mountains absorbed
in the memory of the precise moment
your hand finally reaches my cunt your fingers
sliding into my pleasure your need
pulling me apart from the waking world
your easy fingers making me
blood and water rolling standing so still
as the sun set completely lost
in the moment you come in.


Rosie said...

That's very hot. I wish someone had written poetry like that about me back in my day.

I had such dreadful poetry written about me that my friends did an impromptu reading of it at a coffee house once.

I've got your feature piece up. It's post dated for tomorrow, but you can still see it.

Hayden said...

congrats on your book deal!

BBC said...


I spotted your mention at Rosie's blog, so though I would drop in for a look.

You live a lot like I do, I like to live a life like that. Shoot, I live in just one room, been to busy to do the next one.

It looks like you have a very cool blog here, I will study it for a while.

Women like Rosie, Anne, and maybe you, balance out my being cranky a lot of the time. In fact I think I will post about that tomorrow.

Stay warm now. Happy trails.

Jbeeky said...

How often do you get to the hot springs?

erin ambrose said...

jbeeky....ummmmm...maybe once a month? Its an hours drive so i try to fit it in with some errand running to make it worth it. why do you ask? wondering how dirty i get? at home i bath in the kitchen in a little tin tub just like in the old days.....

BBC said...

I bath in a pottery bowl, just like in the old days.