Thursday, February 8, 2007

i remembered

to bring my camera to the post office. funny though when i got there i felt sooooo silly pulling out a camera. thats what whitey texans do there i was trying to be all stealth, which the high winds helped a lot with since i didn't want to leave the truck anyway.

this adobe gem is down in the village proper. some 120 years ago it was a store and a gathering place. about 2 years ago the tin started comin off the roof and really thats it for an old mud house . meltdown begins. My guess is that the original roof was wood shingles like the porch.

this is the road up to my house. Thats gambles oak on either side. They didn't do to well last year with the drought...very brown all summer. Sometimes a whole stand will die at one time. This year they'll hopefully be their waxy dark green with big fat acorns...hope hope.

and this the post office. That is a genuine mid 70's single wide on cinderblocks baby!
Its really fucking tiny in there... and when the wind howls like it is today, it feels like that post office is just gonna blow right over.

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Rosie said...

Your post office is bigger than ours! I love that old adobe...shame it's falling apart.