Saturday, September 29, 2007

The wind returns, why am i still here? and carhartt sells out.

ahhhhh so today theres to be 40mph winds for my enjoyment. lovely.

aside from the obvious logistical advantages of staying here a bit longer, like i'm here already and its free and my animals have their routines all worked out and my next destination is not yet available to me, on a deeper emotional level i'm feelin' kinda despondant and poopy.

huge on the list of reasons to sell ye ol' high mountain farm was to not put up with another winter here....esp. the wind. just rubs me the WRONG way. what i'm esp. not looking forward to is the combination of slightly melting snow/mud and high speed blowing snow. I'm traumatized with memories of sliding around trying to tame the huge tarp over the hay bales or slipping falling to my knees on my way back to the house with my arms full of firewood.

I've run the -i can do it on my own- mountain queer super crip theme right into the ground.


in other news....i was all excited to buy myself a new set of carhartt clothing for old carhartts are so worn out and thin....and granted, its been a while since i've bought them cuz they last for freakin' ever, but i was really bummed out when the package arrived in the mail and i tore it open only to find that the quality just isn't what it used to be AND the tags said "made in mexico"....?????????? now, the whole freakin' point of proudly wearing carhartts is that they are union made and last for ever right? so i looked into it and lo and behold only a very small percentage of their clothes are union made any more. They closed 3 factories in the last year and moved them to other countries where the labor is cheaper. CRAP. and esp. shitty since the whole theme of carhartt is "clothing for the american worker"....fuckers. My stepdad lived in his when i was younger, and he's a union organizer....i wonder if he knows about this.....
so anyway.....whats a hard workin' mountain queer to wear?


Jbeeky said...

I hate that! I hate that they are so sneaky about it too! I am sorry you feel alone, all I can do is give you a big cyberhug and make you a big cup o' e-tea!

Anonymous said...

So damn disappointed about Carhartt. Can't even describe how crushed I am. Et tu Brute?