Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the arrival

alright...after much drama that i won't bore you all with, the airstream has arrived.
now that i can be alone with this big ol' thing i'm wrapping my brain around how old it is and the work it needs....yeesh...a bit overwhelming. good thing its cute.
.... the worst bit is the part of the floor that is rotten, which i knew about but hadn't given much thought till now.
i made the mistake of checking out some dudes vintage airstream restoration site and that just made me feel even more overwhelmed.His version of floor replacement was to completely gut the interior, including the interior walls and not only remove the old floor but also all the insulation as well as sanding and rust proofing the main frame. i'm not in this to make her mint and turn it around for a buncha cash....i just want the rotten floor bits taken out and replaced....but still, its yet another project on my daunting list of things to do.
and i suspect the rotten floor area is the source of the "old trailer smell"(aka mildew), since under the floor is all this 50 yr old insulation thats also been getting wet....
i did find a place that sells vintage trailer parts and located a new door gasket, the absence of which has caused all this rot over the years.
once the floor bit is fixed it'll feel much better inside.what'll also help is to get some help leveling it....right now it feels like a jiggly rotting fun house....

but its a diamond in the rough.very rough.hell its 14 years older than me and i'm pretty worn out...so i can only imagine.The thing i love about its age are all the funky little dated bits like the cupboard hinges and the magazine rack and the lamps.

but hey the propane and electric work..so...mas que nada.

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