Thursday, September 20, 2007

sunflowers and me

the woman i got ye ol' airstream from took this photo of me while i was at her place. Its so rare that anyones around to take my photo but me, i figured i should share it.
She grows flowers for market and that there bucket full she sent home with me as a gift. I was smitten since i just love love much joy and strength in them.


Jbeeky said...

What a great picture. You glow, you really do. But I am confused, are you staying on the land but moving into the airstream or moving to where the airstream is or what? Nosy but affectionate,

erin ambrose said...

jbeeky....i'm not surprisd your confused...its bben very confusing. For now i am staying her in chacon as a caretaker for the new owners. what comes next is still up in the air but i have till march to get it together....and the airstream will come with baseline plan being to find some raw land to buy and park that puppy on it.