Saturday, September 15, 2007

fault line ramblings

today i let the sheep into the garden. we'll have a freeze soon enough and everything in there is pretty much overwith. I'm drowning in squash. I did discover that godiva loves squash, unlike the others.
and the chickens love cantelope.

and i'm trying so hard to relax...really i am. I can't shake the feeling that everything could fall apart any second... change completely and leave me scrambling toward a new destination...a new last minute plan.
i feel like i'm livin' my life on a fault line.
it all keeps shifting beneath me and i'm using all my energy to continuously right myself to the new ground.

i look forward to the tight grip of winter. can't do much about nothin' in 3 feet of snow.

my fever i've had for days finally broke today while i cleaned out the barn. i got so damn hot and i was soaking wet and tears filled my eyes.
but now i feel much better.
for dinner i guessed it....squash.

i miss a good kiss.
you know....a really really good kiss.

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Lena said...

well, that's awright and i'd give you a 7 day kiss but you're too far away!*smile* hey womyn-good to catch up with you! i haveta get back to ur blog and see where the hell u r. Cool home! Congrats! hey white trash ain't nothin but fine people. keepin it real. love, lena