Saturday, September 8, 2007

fulfilling my destiny

If i've re-learned anything over these last few months, its that the world of housing is treacherous if not impossible to navigate when one is poor and has environmental illness. So, to lessen the scariness i ventured down south about 200 some miles to a little village called lemitar where i found myself this lovely 1956 airstream overlander....a whopping 26 ft. in length and relatively safe for me to be in since everything is 50 some years old and the woman who has owned it has been scent/smoke free and only used non-toxic cleaners.
so i bought it.
now, wherever life may take me i will have a little space to be that won't make me sick.
I've managed to avoid fulfilling my trailer trash destiny so far in life, but i'm now prepared to embrace it.


Aaron said...

That thing is cool. You always have the cool vehicles. Don't let this one catch fire though. . . Did it just roll out of there or did you have to get new tires or something? What do you tow it with? If you see Johnny Depp and Leonardo, let them know I say hi.

erin ambrose said...

aaron...the burning vw memory always is just too damn funny, esp since we didn't get blown up.
that car was a piece of crap really, eh?
as for the cool vehicles...i think i just have a weakness for really old stuff....which is generally cooler than new stuff right?
ummmmm, the woman i bought it from has got to get the tow lights hooked up and get the tires up to pressure and then its ready to go....she has and will tow it with her 6cyl. jeep...not too bad!

it'll be here in a week or so...yay!
hope yr well!

jacket said...

congrats on your new digs! Where are you going to park it? I hope you have enough land to keep your animals. By the way, thanks for sharing your journey.