Wednesday, November 5, 2008

si se puede godammit

after the last 2 elections were stolen and after 8 fucking years of the most horrific administration EVER and esp. in a country that was literally built on fucking slavery i was thrilled as i watched state after state fall into a blue hue.a million people gathered in chicagos grant park.record breaking numbers of voters. and i ain't no stinkin' democrat....
but hello people.....our president is barack hussein obama.

i know its not the end all.i know he's not anti-war. i know that on the ground everything is still a fucking mess and he's not perfect....i just want to indulge in a moment of collective pride....and a little hope. that maybe this ripple effect of this on the ground will be a better collective energy...a more cohesive grassroots movement, a strengthening of the belief that what matters is ordinary people power not politicians or governments.

and i hope, with all my might, that the most terrifying sarah -end of days- palin has a good cry then slithers back to whatever apocalyptic pentecostal rock they found her under. yeesh.

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jacket said...

I'm totally with you. Hope is a novel feeling when it comes to u.s. politics.