Sunday, November 16, 2008

prop 8 fervor and then theres Duanna Johnson

so i left a comment earlier on crip-chicks blog in response to her righteous post (read it!) and then afterward realized i wanted to say more about this whole issue of the very mainstream agenda of gays getting married versus the base line issue of violence against people of color, poor folk, trans folk, queers and crips and all the people that embody the various intersections of those realities.

marriage vs. beaten to death. hmmmm, which one makes me want to stand in the street and yell til i'm hoarse in the throat?

its like a convo i remember having with a friend some 12 years ago about the community meetings on the land we lived on.i was concerned about the need for tackling class and oppressive behavior(big surprise) and he was stressing to me that all the other issues of oppression that we had to discuss couldn't even be discussed if we don't first address disability access.because you can't have the convo if you can't even be there.

in this case, how are "we" to address the issue of something like marriage if some of us,undoubtedly the more marginalized, aren't even fucking alive or on the outside or well fed enough to have the discussion.

its trite, but i'm gonna say ones free til we're all free.

honestly i'm not that concerned about the right to get married in particular. i am however concerned about human rights. our right to live w/out violence and hunger and homelessness and exploitation and incarceration and war. thats where my anger is. thats where the love is.


sighing said...

I was at the Pittsburgh rally yesterday.
Damp but happy.
We had over 200 people show up which was more than I thought would show considering the weather.
Everyone I know is optimistic and saying that the tolerance for hate (promoted by our friends on the right) will no longer be tolerated.
I will add my voice to theirs.
The more voices added the louder we become.
The louder we become the better to be heard.
Hang in there yeah?

cripchick said...

yes. and friday teish cannon. when will the queer community realize how much blood is being shed?

Brynn said...

marriage vs. beaten to death. hmmmm, which one makes me want to stand in the street and yell til i'm hoarse in the throat?

i couldn't have said it better!

i volunteered for the No on 8 campaign, because i oppose the unfairness of a group of people being denied the right to marry. that said, the racism, transphobia and privileged cluelessness exhibited by the "marriage movement" since election day has really alienated me.