Monday, November 24, 2008

a little coal love...y mas

once in a while coal likes to free himself from the horse pasture below and come up top to visit...and eat directy from the hay pile.
please note the obvious trust i must have in all of you that i would post a photo of my bed head.
ok...just take in the cuteness of these feet.

and since this is an animal appreciation post, i'm adding this photo of eva and pancake sound asleep.
AND in other news, check out this fantastic fucking house in the middle of the city of rochester for sale. the asking price might want to sit down...28k. we're about 10k short...anyone want to lend my mother and i 10k? pretty please???

1 comment:

sighing said...

He's from Houston and he wants to summer in Rochester?
What's the difference?
When I summered in Rochester the humidity always remained me of Texas.