Sunday, March 23, 2008

springy farm stuff

everythings a buzz here...firmly in the 70's, lots of wind and budding everything!

one of my chickens died, a mystery death. she was my little chantecler, a rare canadian chicken. so inhonor of her i took some photos of the other girls. i've got more pullets coming in a month or so!heres my delaware hen, she's very top.and this is my columbian wyandotte, a chunky bird! she tends to get picked on.and finally heres one of my wellsummers, they lay the most gorgeous dark brown eggs, slightly speckled.
I've finally gotten around to sorting the tons of fleece i have...this is from a full churro ram from over in espanola...its gorgeous!and heres what will be my little house. right now its undergoing some heavy renovation. it sits right next to what will be the new sheep pen so that will make me happy.
and last but not least, the beginning of the can't see them but the lettuce, beets and turnips have begun to emerge from the llama poo...yay!
happy spring!

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kirk said...

Happy Spring Erin from Kirk in North Idaho- still waiting for the snow to melt here....your writing inspired me to start writing a blog--