Friday, March 7, 2008

people comin' up like daffodils... and other random thoughts

i wanted to include some photos of the daffodils but then a huge heavy wet snow storm came and buried them all.

got kissed the other day in town. that sure was a treat. us farmers don't get enough kisses dammit. what made me laugh is how i go a bit stiff like a cardboard cutout whenever someone tries to be physical with me in any way. i'm so unaccustomed to touch. i'm a huge dork.
funny too because back in the day i prided myself on my very aggressive, slutty, topping from the bottom, shock valued persona.....ahhhh but that was a long long time ago.

and the us economy is tanking. home sales have slowed to a crawl, foreclosures are up up up, jobs are disappearing....war is costing us trillions and i've got to battle with the social security department in the middle of all this to try and get my benefits back. fuckers.

but in the meantime, the here and now time, theres folks on the farm which is just so lovely.the farrier and his edible 4 yr old daughter, the old school butch handy-dyke thats fixing up my little house, the farm owner and various friends...its great.
when this snow melts away, which won't take but a day, i'm gonna set up the cold frames over the raised beds in the garden and start lettuce and beets and peas and turnips. new moon is here so now is the time!
nothing makes me happier than getting sweaty working with dirt, mixing in llama guano, raking it smooth, dropping seeds....its a prayer really, a spellcast of hope.

kisses are good but dare i say it...gardening is even better....oh no, how about kisses while gardening , that would be best.
and i'm gonna work on this cardboard cutout issue, i swear...


Jbeeky said...

kisses, eh? Nice! I am so glad there are people around, it does make a big difference sometimes!

Anonymous said...

enjoy reading your blog erin--I live in north idaho. I did an experiment this winter with cold frames--arugula and mesculin planted in late november--then record snowfalls and it went into suspended animation. had my first salad last week. kirk

erin ambrose said...

a salad in late winter! thats great! thanks for writing.