Friday, March 21, 2008

bread and butter

hey there everyone, i'm gonna take advantage of my humble 30 hits a day on this blog and mention that i've opened an online shop of my fiber stuff.....the shop is clled Pitchfork Fiber Arts at is an interesting site to cruise if you like handmade things).
i'll be listing raw fleece, handspun yarns, scarves, rugs and blankets.
I've just started it up so theres only a handful of things right now but i'm adding more every chance i get!

and speaking of yarns, i always appreciate the many different ways that folks find to protest injustice and yesterday i was delighted to find the Granny Peace Brigade, who held a "knit in for peace" at the Times Square recruiting center this past weds which, as you know, was the 5th anniversary of the us occupation of iraq.

so you see, yarns are an important part of everyday revolution.Esp. those that are handspun by little ol' me... so check mine out and get knitting!

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Jbeeky said...

That yarn is enough to make me want to knit! That banner is so great, nice choice. I will check often, I love scarves!