Thursday, March 13, 2008

farm notes: diggin' in the dirt, hurting myself, healing my sheep and learning new skills

spring is here and i'll tell you right now i've nothing too profound to write about.... i've been bustin' ass in the garden. i'm pushing the season w/ out a cold frame so we'll see what actually comes up. i put in romaine and butter lettuce, carrots, beets , turnips, snap peas, echinacea and calendula.
my body is wiped out. the last straw was trying to move this door in the workshop for whatever reason seemed so important at the moment, most likely the heaviest door ever made...ever, all on my own because i'm a stubborn ass and just wanted it done. so now i've a very angry arm, not good for much but hanging loosly in my shoulder socket.
this after days of hauling llama poo and turning beds. i need a steam roller to run me over...that would feel real good.

one of my sheep has a bad cough, she has been prone to this in the past. i've been giving her bits of osha root so we'll see if that helps. i haven't been able to find any info on osha and sheep as far as if its bad for them....?????
her cough is a bit better, not as intense...and she seems alright...

i'm gonna head up to my sheep mentors farm in a couple weeks and watch her shear, hopefully video tape it since she's in her 70's and a master at it and its a dying art. this will be my final lesson before i take the plunge and try it myself, i've even got my own shears.....its scary!


Birdie said...

I rescued a dog from the pound last year. He was going to be killed because he was part pit and had a gimpy, wasted leg. He had relentless kennel cough. I made a tea from osha and mixed it in with his kibble. It truly worked, and didn't seem to harm him in any way.

I hope your sheep is better soon. Coughing - for any species - sucks.


Jbeeky said...

I can't wait to hear about shearing! BTW, I went veggie, sister!