Sunday, December 28, 2008

heavy war weary heart

and i'm not even fucking there.

its almost impossible to read anything about war through the mainstream press.
so full of carefully crafted wording and dangerous war-is-okay-because-theres-a-really good-reason lies.

like how they can go on and on about how the military is bombing the crap out of gaza.
words like
"deadliest-ever air offensive"
"more than 290 people were killed over two days and more than 800 wounded."
" intense bombings — some 300 air strikes since midday Saturday — wreaked unprecedented destruction in Gaza, reducing entire buildings to rubble".

then say
"most of the dead were from the Hamas security forces"

its as though they think, perhaps correctly, that if they use the buzz word "hamas" in every sentence pertaining to the death and destruction it will eradicate any humanity...any human casuality, any suffering.

reason reasons someones always got a reason
"aircraft attacked a building in the Jebaliya refugee camp next to Gaza City, killing a 14-month-old baby, a man and two women"

bombs bombs someones always got a bomb.

and a reason.

for an ounce of the human side of "air campaigns" and "ground invasions" i refer you to laila el haddads blog diary of a palestinian mother. she is in daily, albeit sketchy, contact w/ her family in gaza.

also worth checking out is democracy now's interview yesterday with two Israelis opposed to the assault: Dov Khenin, a Knesset member with the Jewish-Arab party Hadash; and Jonathan Benartzi, an Israeli conscientious objector who spent more than a year in prison for refusing to serve.

hope you all are well and safe and loved.

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Loretta said...

Thank you for posting about the two blogs. They are very interesting. Hope you are feeling better. Happy New Year.