Thursday, January 8, 2009

of all the places to go

it appears i'm going to live in santa fe for a spell.

i've a long history of contempt for santa fe...well, what has become of santa fe to be specific. while there is definitly a lingering working class as well as homeless people, it is predominately a wealthy resort-esque town. real estate prices are unreal, as is rent.but at the same time i've always been around it, i know the city pretty well.
so my time in santa fe has always been a mixed experience of spending time with my friends but having my hackles up the whole time in the midst of such grotesque displays of wealth and pretense that blanket the city as a whole.

i mean, its not all bad. parts of town are really pretty to look at. and its nice to look up at the big mts that tower over the city. and theres a lot of art stuff going on.and some really good people doing really good things.

i've lived there before. for about 6 months i stayed in my friends garage because i had nowhere else to go.
and i've lived in various crappy little cabins w/ no electric or water on the outskirts of the city.

but now here i am...i'm actually gonna rent a little ....and i mean right in the center of town. its come down to needing to be near my friends and nearer to health care and everything else that being in town has to offer. I think from there, once i'm rested, i'll be better able to decide where to REALLY live.

i'm selling all sorts of my stuff off and socking away the cash to pay for the ridiculous rent.I sold my truck, some weaving equipment...i'm trying to sell my solar power.anyone interested in a solar power system????

so....i'm wiped out. pretty much.i look/feel like hell. i'm just a robot packing, sorting moving like i've done a bazillion times since i was 7 years old. i try not to think about my sheep. or springtime coming when i would normally being turning over soil and having the sheep shorn. or the good good clean air of everyday in the country.

i'm trying to focus on how nice it will be not to need my car. to have friends nearby. to be a train ride away from awesome poetry in albuquerque. focus focus and esp. keep my eye on the prize which is still the hope of buying a home....somehow....somewhere.

i'll take pictures of my overpriced closet when i'm next in town. and i'll try not to bore you all with too many snarky complaints about the new-age-wholefoods-i-wish-i-was native-american-middle/upper class-grossness that will offend my senses daily in ye ol' santa fe.....but i can't make any promises.


cripchick said...

"the new-age-wholefoods-i-wish-i-was native-american-middle/upper class-grossness"

LOL. don't hold back.

Jbeeky said...

Moving is so traumatic, even under the absolute best circumstances. I hope you settle in and are able to find some peace soon, Erin.

sighing said...

Good luck.
Moving is a pain.
No doubt about it.
But I envy you the purging.

Except for the critters.
Seriously-good luck Erin.

jacket said...

I know what you mean about Santa Fe. I grew up in a trailer park at the end of Agua Fria, near Airport Road and my parents never had any pretensions of being new-age yuppies, but they're still gross. I still blame them for the stupid mini-fences and the hacky sack ban on the plaza, all the stupid coyotes everywhere, and the crazy real estate prices. On the bright side, maybe I can meet up with you next time I'm visiting the folks.
Good luck with your move. I wish I could help you move boxes.