Wednesday, January 28, 2009

free ketchup

i'm at this cafe place in santa fe....where i live....god i don't know if i'll get used to saying that. i feel like a visitor, and sort of like it that way.
anyway i'm in this cafe...i have in front me a plate of french fries and they came w/ some sort cilantro runny hippy sauce in a little cup. no no...i want ketchup. the condiment of my people. so i saunter up to the counter all friendly like, say " do you have any good ol' fashioned ketchup?"
he smiles says "yes we do...."
"'ll be 75 cents for ketchup."
in all seriousness he says this.

i stare at him.

i look over my shoulder at my fries...lonely lonely fries...
and i cough up 75 cents.
he disappears into the back for what seemed like forever and returns w/ a tiny little cup w/ about a tablespoon of ketchup.

i felt taken....i felt a little dizzy....confused...head whirling w/ countless memories of diner after diner after working class fucking diner where the GODDAMN KETCHUP BOTTLE sat on the table w/ the salt, pepper, sugar packets and napkin dispenser.

what planet am i on people?


Jbeeky said...

That is totally fucked up. Like vitiation department fucked up.


sighing said...

We had this discussion at work.
Big corporate McEateries dole out free condiments.
Mom/Pop places can't afford to do this.
At least not anymore.
Welcome to Morning in America.

erin ambrose said...

yeah, i can see what your saying...but this place is a hardly a mom/pop...its a middle upper end ayurvedic chai house...w/ 3 locations in 2 cities. arg....but maybe thats the plan....go pocket some ketchup at the burger king down the road THEN order fries w/ my chai tea at the foofy cafe (the chai is the best...which is what lures me there)